The story of a rescued kitten

The Story of a Rescued Kitty

What started out as a simple trip for my son to get his haircut ended up with a little orange kitten. My son and I went to get his haircut, it was a fairly warm day here in Texas, however a cold front was to be moving in that night. As we were leaving the salon we could tell the temperature had already dropped a little bit. We walked to the edge of the parking lot where Cannyon’s truck was parked. As we approached, we noticed a little ginger kitten sitting under his truck looking at us. He was meowing and seemed more than interested in getting to know us however when we got close he ran and hid inside the storm gutter. Cannyon and I started trying to coax the little kitty out of the storm drain as the wind picked up and the temperature continue to drop. I just kept thinking we can’t leave him here he will freeze to death, plus on the other side of the storm gutter is a busy highway.

We always say that Cannyon is the stray animal whisperer, because stray animals always seem drawn to him. And this time was no exception. Finally after about 45 minutes of trying the little kitty let Cannyon pick him up.

Now What?? I thought. We jumped in the truck and the kitty freaked out! He broke free from Cannyon’s grip and tore around inside the cabin. Cannyon was able to get ahold of him again and we decided to bring him home.

He was pretty feral so the transition was a little rough at first. But he quickly learned the house rules and made friends with Sake, my precious Siamese. It took a few weeks though before they would eat their cat food together. He even took over the Pawchie self heating bed that I had bought for the dog. We decided to name him Axel Rose because he’s definitely a rebel.

The next time we went to the salon we told Cannyon’s stylist about how we found and adopted the kitten. She told us that he had lived in the parking lot for three months and that many people had tried to catch him before but he wouldn’t let anyone near him. After hearing that, we knew that he chose to adopt us.

Axel's first time seeing fire. He sat there mesmerized.

Now he is my favorite. Whatever I’m doing wherever I am there he is like my shadow. He’s always trying to “help” me with whatever I am doing. It’s like having a toddler and I love every minute of it.

All of my life I have always had Siamese cats. No one could believe that this little orange alley cat had captured my heart the way he did. But he did.

Axel loves watching TV. But who doesn't love Betty White?

Axel has his own Instagram where you can follow his ginger journey. Check him out at @DailyAxelOfficial and comment below about the favorite kitty in your life! 

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