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My Model Diet For Fast Weight Loss

I want to share the story of this amazing product I recently discovered. I know so many of you are like me trying to juggle a family and career while working hard to stay looking young and hot!

If you spend any time with me you will know that I have always eaten a very clean diet. I’ve been vegetarian vegan for since I was a child. I eat a high fruit vegan diet, I never drink anything pasteurized, I avoid processed foods and pharmaceuticals, in fact I even limit my cooked foods since cooking destroys the enzymes (more on this in a future blog). I can tell you with confidence that I probably eat cleaner than most of the population. But even as clean as I eat, a couple of years ago when I turned 45 I started gaining some unwanted weight. Hello muffin top! No matter what I did, I just found it harder to keep weight off as I got older.

Now I’m also especially skeptical when it comes to supplements. I believe in getting your nutrition from whole food sources. So when my boyfriend came home with a new supplement called Keto-OS, I wasn’t sure about it. Honestly the word “keto” turned me off. All I could think of was a high fat, high cholesterol diet full of meat and fat…..I would never!! Then he explained that this is NOT that. It’s not a keto diet. It’s natural ketones that your brain loves and that get depleted with age. (I later learned that the ketones also help balance your hormones) Ok fine, but I still wasn’t ready to try it. Maybe I’m a little stubborn. Or so I’ve been told.

After just a couple of days of my boyfriend taking Keto-OS I was shocked to see how shredded he was looking! It was like the fat was just falling off of him. Then I thought “hmmm, maybe I should try this.”

So I tried it. And guess what?! After just 2 days on Keto-OS I noticed my back fat disappearing. You know that fat at the bottom of the bra? Gone. I also noticed an increase in my focus level immediately. I was able to work like Elle Woods after Warner told her she couldn’t get into law school! Ha! It felt like a clean focused energy, not jittery at all. No strange feeling whatsoever. And when it was bedtime I could sleeeeeep- deep sleep- with no problems falling asleep.

Every day when I woke up and stepped on the scale I was down 1-2lbs. Yes! A pound or two a day! That adds up quickly!  The fat I was losing was the most stubborn fat, like that hated back/bra fat and my muffin top. Now my clothes are fitting better and everyone has noticed my weight loss. I feel like I’m back to my 20 year old self! I lost more than 10lbs in 10 days. I’m not exactly sure how much I lost because I forgot to weigh myself in the beginning. Rookie mistake.

Now keep in mind that I didn’t change my diet at all! And I didn’t work out like crazy either. Just a few nature walks and some yoga & Pilates.

I know all of this sounds to good to be true. But that’s why I decided I just had to share this product. It really has been amazing for me and I want  you to try it too. You can get your 10 day supply (that’s 20 packets-I took 2 a day) here for only $130. If you sign up for autoship it’s only $109 and you can cancel the autoship at any time. So go give it a try to see what it can do for you. 


I know you will love it! And if you love it so much that you want to share it with others you can join my team for just $37 a year, and earn free product and make extra money for your family. (Don’t worry my team will help show you how!)

Some FAQs

  • You do not need to follow a keto diet. This drink will give you the benefits of being in ketosis no matter what healthy diet you follow.
  • You will immediately begin to feel more energized, less hungry and more focused. Oh, and you will sleep so good too!
  • You will be amazed by the rapid fat loss.
  • There is a lot of research showing the incredible brain benefits, and that the long-term effects of having ketones in your body is beneficial for your brain, tumors, joints etc.
  • You can join my team and earn your products for FREE every single month and earn extra money for your family for only $37 a year!

If you have any questions drop me an email. I can’t wait to hear how this amazing product helps you reach your goals!

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