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Stories for snacks
“Stories For Snacks” from Miss Bikini 

The year 2020 has definitely gotten off to a rough start. But as the Covid19 pandemic spread throughout the globe, we have seen hero’s emerge. One such hero is our very own Miss Bikini National Titleholder, Dare Taylor.

Dare approached me with the idea of wanting to give back during this global pandemic. She had been inspired by her model friend TheJennaLee (on Instagram) for paying two of her fans rent. Dare liked that idea and wanted to give back as well. Ultimately, Dare and the Miss Bikini Organization decided the best way to help would be to give away grocery money to families in need. We decided to create 2 rounds of giving. The first beginning May 6th and running until May 13th. In this first round, $3,000 of grocery money will be divided between six families in need. The second round of giving will begin in mid May as a further fundraiser for families who have lost their jobs because of Covid-19.

I was instantly impressed with Dare when I met her at Miss Bikini United States in 2018. That year she placed as first runner up. Then in 2019, she came back and captured the crown. Dare has become a successful model, gracing the cover of Playboy Slovakia in 2018, and walking in Miami Swim Week 2018 & 2019 and in New York Fashion Week in 2019. She is well known for her acting skills from her time at the Walt Disney World company in entertainment and now is focusing on her acting career in Hollywood, California. She also has her own very popular YouTube channel -Dare W. I am also so stoked to have her as one of the official hosting alongside my son in the Miss Bikini 2020 Pageant.  I now call Dare my ‘pageant daughter’.  Read her exclusive “Who’s That Girl” Interview here.

Now I know what you REALLY want to know…. “How do I win the snacks??” So here’s how to enter and win some “snacks” for you and your family:

1. Follow the two Instagram accounts:
2. Comment on the snacks image (shown bellow) posted on both Miss Bikini, Daretaylorofficial’s Instagram feeds and tell us your story!  Winners will be announced May 13th at 6pm pacific time.
3. For double chances of winning You can comment your story on both Instagram posts at: @daretaylorofficial, and @Missbikinius . That way you can better your chances of your story being seen and being chosen as a winner! 
Don’t forget also to join the Miss Bikini® email list at https://missbikinius.com for updates and info on this and other events.

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